Three C’s of Launching and Growing a Small Business Part 2

In Part 1 I presented you with commitment, my first of the three C’s to launching and growing your small business. This week we will focus on the second C, connect.

Connecting with service providers, other business owners that are in the same industry as you, professionals that have expertise in your industry, or funders/lending institutions that have funded businesses similar to yours can prove to be very beneficial to the growth and sustainability of your business.

Networking events are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to increase their consumer base, advertise their business, and most importantly, connect with other business owners and industry professionals. Attending networking events will allow you the opportunity to connect with others that could introduce you to their network, provide you with some additional tools for growth, further stimulating the sustainability of your business. 

If you are looking for some local networking events to attend, I have provided a link below where you can choose, dates, times, categories, etc. that would cater to your networking needs.–rochester/networking/.

In the case you do not know where to begin or how to start networking, you can find some helpful tips here. 

“Your net worth is your network” Porter Gale

If you or someone you know is looking to connect with entrepreneurial service providers in our area, please contact us at the RIT Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and we will assist you with navigating our local entrepreneurial ecosystem, connecting you to the organization that would best address your business situation, we can be reached at 585-475-6199. Next week, I will feature the third C, Care, going into further detail on how you can nurture your business, please continue to follow CUE Tips and continue to check back weekly.

Ebony Miller
Director Center for Urban Entrepreneurship
Rochester Institute of Technology